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Garang Equipments Co

It is a great pleasure to state that Garang Equipments Co. has introduced itself as one the major manufacturers of Plummer Block Housings in India(Amrit Brand) 

It is the company’s motto to strictly follow the rules and regulations which guaranties to deliver products of International quality&standard.

Garang Equipments Co. is committed to offer a wide range of plummer blocks which suit every application.For example- the company provides light duty application which is capable of enduring harsh environment.

Furthermore, the company is capable of providing all types of plummer blocks(Taper or Cylindrical)

quality products &
International standard.

At present, Garang Equipments Co has already built an outstanding reputation for providing quality products.The enthusiastic staff of the company have contributed a lot to understand their customer’s needs and, thereby, provided them the goods of the right quality on time. Every individual involved in the production will take utmost care to ensure that every product they will produce should remain superior in quality & standard.

AMRIT Garang Equipments Co

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