We have started production of Plummer Blocks and Sockets since 1984 and dared to maintain a good quality at reasonable price range when the market was guided by tow price level with worst quality product and some time the user had to use the sub standard product unwillingly because the quality product was out of his budget.

We had tried for middle path. So that the customers can get quality product within their budget.

It is the common belief that a bearing has only supporting role to hold the bearing and to support its non rotating outer ring. This is only one part of the fact. The life of the bearing depends upon the proper selection of the block and its accuracy to the tolerance.

Our Trade Mark Registration No : 1292286

Main features of AMRIT ® BLOCKS are

  • Made of 20 grade casting iron
  • Free from Blow holes.
  • 90% carbon matching with bearing.
  • Perfect level of the foot and accurate centre height.
  • Attractive outer finish.
  • Available in the Steel Casting and other grades of cast iron as per specification.
  • Made as per international standards for easy ex changeability.


Sleeves are always fitted on the shaft of an equipment and an improper sleeve can easily damage it which a user cannot afford that his original equipment is damaged due to such a low price items. keeping the above fact into mind AMRIT Sleeves are manufactured Small AMRIT Sleeves are made of 25% Carbon Steel and  big are made of  EN-8  Steel.


Other important features of AMRIT® SLEEVES are

  • Ground surface for 95% matching with
  • Well machined bore for proper fitting on the Shaft.
  • Proper lock nuts and lock washer to prevent premature failure.
  • Easy ex changeability of components of any sleeves of one size.
  • Lock nuts are checked by ‘go’ and ‘not go’ methods.



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