Pillow Blocks Units

This is the most representative unit and is universally used in all types of the transmission devices. USP type and SL type are fixed at the shaft in a simple and reliable manner by means of the set screws with hexagonal holes prepared in the inner ring.

UKP type is mounted at the shaft with the adapter. it is sutably applied as the intermediate bearing of the long shaft or whene the shaft precision is low anf shaft diameter is uneven.

NAP type is fixed at the shaft by use of the essentric locking collar and is set completely at the shaft due to the self locking action.


The outer spherical bearing is a bearing unit that combines a rolling bearing and a bearing seat. Most of the outer spherical bearings are made of a spherical outer diameter, and are installed together with a bearing seat with a spherical inner hole. The structure is diverse, and the versatility and interchangeability are good.

The bearing seat is generally formed by casting. Commonly used seats include vertical seat (P), square seat (F), boss square seat (FS), convex seat (FC), diamond seat (FL), ring seat (C), slider seat, etc. (T).

Application scope:

Outer spherical bearings are preferentially suitable for occasions that require simple equipment and parts, such as agricultural machinery, transportation systems or construction machinery.

pillow block unit pdf

pillow block unit pdf



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