Adapter Sleeve Sockets, Withdrawal Sleeve

Withdrawal sleeves are used primarily to ease dismounting of bearing. small Withdrawal sleeves are monted using a hydraulic nut only if the journal has a threaded section.

Hydraulic Sleeve Nuts
Hydraulic sleeve nuts feature threaded bolt holes for
mounting and withdrawal, and holes for passing through
hydraulic hoses.
Lockwashers are used to stop nuts from rotating.
Lockplates are used to stop large nuts from rotating.
Protective Plates
Protective plates are inserted between the hydraulic
sleeve and hydraulic sleeve nut during installation, and
protects the sleeve from damage.
Hydraulic Nuts
(Mounting & Dismounting Tools for Rolling Bearings)
Using hydraulic nuts for mounting and dismounting
bearings prevents excessive force being applied, so as to
avoid damage to shafts and bearings. The force applied is
also uniform for more efficient work.



Withdrawal sleeves can be used to mount bearings with a tapered bore onto the cylindrical seat of stepped shafts  The sleeve is pressed into the bore of the bearing inner ring, which abuts a shaft shoulder or similar fixed component. The sleeve is located on the shaft by a nut or an end plate. KM or HM lock nuts (Lock nuts requiring a keyway) with appropriate locking devices are suitable. Lock nuts are not supplied with the sleeve and must be ordered separately.



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